Nomad Life: One Month Down!

Yesterday I celebrated one month of living a nomadic lifestyle.  When I think back to how I was living a couple of months ago, it’s dramatically different!  My house, roommate, her dog, and all possessions are gone!  So far I love the freedom- staying at different places, no chores, no bills!  The month of November brought some travel opportunities with it which has made the transition a bit easier.  Luckily, my first official night of homelessness was spent in the beautiful Hotel Rex in San Francisco!

San Fran is one of my favorite cities in the US!  The weather, wine, and food are ultra fab!  I went for work but our meetings incorporated a lot of fun around town.  I met my co-workers at our hotel where we had just enough time to drop off our bags.  We caught a cable car on the street and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf.  The weather was perfect and we relished the sun and fresh sea air as we clung to the side of the car.

At the Wharf, we caught a glimpse of some seals (so cute!) and ran (literally) down to Pier One to catch the Golden Gate Feery to Sausilito for dinner.  Once we boarded the ferry, the sun was about to set.  We had beautiful views of the Bay Bridge, downtown skyline, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge.  When it started getting chilly, we warmed up with some hot coco and Bailey’s during the ride.

When we docked in Sausalito, we walked about a block through the charming town to The Spinnaker for dinner.  The waterfront seafood restaurant had an amazing view of the Bay through the full windows.  It’s hard to say what was best- the view, the company, or the food!

I had the grilled scallops with bacon and orzo with sun-dried tomatoes with a lovely glass of Viognier.  Perfection!  Dessert was sinful- tiramisu, crème Brule, and rustic apple tart.  We had to indulge because the majority of our table (myself included) is currently Texan and we died when our Rangers lost!  While the whole city celebrated their team’s win, I went back to my hotel room and tried to sleep despite the incessant honking and cheering from the streets below.

The next morning we met for breakfast at Sears Fine Food.  The décor was country art-deco with an appropriate dash of camp.  Loved it!  The brecky menu was your typical heavy comfort food.  I had the omelet with chicken sausage, cheddar, and green onions with hash browns, sourdough toast , and cantaloupe (which I did not eat- if you know me, you know I can’t stand melons).  Besides the c-loupe, it was rich and filling!

Hotel Rex is adjacent to Union Square, and it was difficult to walk by the giant Forever 21 and other boutique shops as I headed to Oakland for my meeting, which preceded my departure from this world-class city.  My only consolation was knowing I’ll be back, and the next time for vaca!  Not a bad way to kick off transitory living!  🙂


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