Step Two: Organization, Part II

Two posts ago, you read about how I’m legitimately living out of the trunk of my car.  Now I’ll dive into the details of day-to-day living.

Thanks to my wonderful employer and our lovely work facility, I have access to a weight room, yoga and kick-boxing classes, and a really nice locker room!  I try to take advantage of the weight room as much as possible during my lunch break.  I can pop over and put in about 45 minutes, then hit the showers in the locker room, and be back at my cube in an hour.  I was on a waiting list for about a year before I got my own locker!  This is perfect for my current lifestyle.  I have all my toiletries stored there so I can take a full on shower after work before I go out for the evening.  It’s really nice to have a central place to keep my stuff and shower, so I’m not tying up my friends’ bathrooms.  Plus, it’s cleaned daily, unlike most residential bathrooms.  😉

I purchased two really helpful items for my locker- a mesh hanging shower caddy and a microfiber towel.  I love this towel; I’m planning on replacing all of my fluffy towels with these compact ones.  They absorb water more quickly than regular towels and take up almost no space to store.  Perfect!

The most challenging thing to store is my clothes!  Right now they are on a collapsible rolling rack from The Container Store in my sweet boyfriend’s garage.  One or two times a week I visit my wardrobe, pick out outfits I’ll need for a handful of days, and store them in a laundry basket in the trunk of my car.  Ironically, because I have to take time planning what I’m going to wear instead of rummaging through my closet in the morning, my co-workers tell me I looked more put-together.  I’m dressing better as a homeless person!

Every day it becomes more routine.  Any time I feel annoyed with not having my own little spot in the world to call my own, I think about how lucky I am that I’m able to make this happen thanks to the people and situations in my life.  Thanks, Universe!

  1. What you are doing is interesting but the only definition you can have as homeless is you don’t have a home of your own. You have so many options available that you have a roof over your head every night, you have a place to store your clothing [until you find a place to store it yourself you said] you have a place to shower/clean up everyday during the work week – so are you truly homeless & living out of the trunk of you car.

    I appreciate the downsizing and minimalization of your life, but yours is a false concept when you use words/phrases such as “homeless” and “living out of the trunk of my car.”

    I don’t see it.

    • ChildPlease said:

      1. without a home: a homeless child.
      2. the homeless, persons who lack permanent housing.

      Yup… sounds like she’s homeless to me!

  2. NEokie said:

    Granted, the Glam Nomad is not homeless in the traditional definition of the word and I would guess that she has a wide and strong safety net in her friends and family so that she will never be truely homeless. But I would argue that in some ways she is experiencing similar, although not life threatening issues. She has to think everyday about where she will spend the night; she has to plan where to leave her personal belongings and determine if they will be safe; she has had to reduce her possessions to a minimum amount for ease of travel and storage. The kinds of everyday situations that one takes for granted she has to plot out in advance and that adds a level of stress to everyday living that I would not want.

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