Tired of the Nomadness

Maybe it’s the chilly weather and lack of sunlight bringing on my annual winter blues, but going into my third month as a nomad, it’s beginning to wear me down.  The novelty and some of the excitement are gone.  The cold makes accessing the items in my car annoying.  I’m tired of thinking about what I’m going to wear days in advance.  (My previously chic nomad look has become repetitious as I’m getting lazy about digging through my rolling rack of clothes, still in my boyfriend’s garage.)

There are a lot of things I really miss about having my own place, like recording trashy reality TV shows and watching them with my old roommate on lazy Saturday mornings.  I miss leaving messy art projects on my dining room table.  I miss hosting house parties.  I miss my old house!  I miss my old routines!  (Gasp!)

Of course I’ve contemplated returning to my former, more conventional lifestyle, but I have too many solid reasons to keep on truckin, such as:

  1. I haven’t saved as much money as I should have.  (Oops!)  I’ve managed to stay out of credit card debt; does that count for anything?
  2. Life in general feels “temporary” right now for several reasons, so my gut tells me not to settle down in one spot for the time being.
  3. I have a unique opportunity to continue, and it could possibly be the only time in my life when I can, so I should suck it up and do it while the tools are at my fingertips.

Perusing through past posts makes me wonder if this blog portrays my life as more glamorous than it actually is.  It’s fun to share hotel reviews, restaurant recos, and pretty pictures.  I seldom make note of delayed flights, crowded airports, and long work days because I don’t want to belabor you with boring details!  However, it’s important that this chronicle is an honest rendering of my life as a nomad so I intend share the obstacles of my journey as they come.

I have been incredibly fortunate that my current “problem” is my own irritation!  My friends, boyfriend, and family have been supportive of this whacky idea the whole way through, so my plan is to hold out until the universe works its magic and I find out what/where I’m supposed to be.  The most exciting part is not knowing what the future will hold.  I have a feeling 2011 is going to be an interesting year!

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  1. NEokie said:

    Thanks for the update on how the experiment is playing out. My theory is that even though this is voluntary homelessness you will experience unanticipated stresses that will affect your quality of life. Part of your brain is worried/occupied daily with basic survival and that this stress will show up in other ways. Sounds like it is starting.

    About 20 years ago I had a house fire that forced my husband and me to live with a co-worker for about 3 months. Although we had this safety net the experience was incredibly stressful and the effects of the stress came out in lots of different ways: we both got sick more often and for longer duration; I found myself bumping into things more often & bruising myself; we argued (we don’t argue much at all).

    As this progresses I wonder if you will notice similar things happening: health issues? creativity/focus issues at work? arguments with boyfriend & family?

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