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“There’s no place like home…”  Dorothy said it best.  No matter how old I get, I still feel like a kid when I visit my childhood home in Oklahoma City.  My parents’ house is uber-cozy and relaxing and my mom goes above and beyond to make her kids feel welcome.  We even get turn-down service before bed, complete with a chocolate mint on our pillows!

On Friday night I took a quick flight to OKC to my parents’ place.  They’ve done a great job updating their home over the past few years, most recently redecorating their living room.  I love what my mom did in my bedroom- there are nods to old memories (framed photos, yearbooks on the shelves, my favorite stuffed animal) but the decor is much more chic today than when I was in charge of decorating!  Here’s a what it looked like from sixth grade until about four years ago…

I think I was in eighth grade in this picture.  Look how focused I am on my homework!  (haha)  Notice the gaudy wall paper and coordinating carpet.  Don’t you love the fake quilt with the marble effect?  If you look closely at the heart-shaped bedside table, you’ll see a scrunchy next to a cassette!  My Pound Puppy and Beanie Baby collection is proudly displayed on my window sill between random stickers of a happy face and a hand with a peace sign.  Oh, the nineties!

Aaaaaahhhh, that’s better. Neutral cream, soft lighting, and a real quilt.  This room is still my little sanctuary, although the twin bed is smaller than I remember it!  No matter how stressed out I am about work, life, etc, a visit home usually does the trick!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  xoxo


Even though I’m “sacrificing” an hour of sleep each night, I’m SO EXCITED we sprung forward on Sunday morning!  I get to see the light of day when I leave work and I feel motivated to get things accomplished in the evenings.  The weather is getting warmer and it’s made nomadic life a lot easier, with rummaging through the trunk of my car, lugging around bags, etc- not so much fun in the cold and dark.  The trees around my office are blooming, making for a lovely commute in the mornings and evenings, and they’re so beautiful I felt compelled to take some photos when I left work today.

Loving the redbuds, the state tree of Oklahoma!  Hope everyone is enjoying the amazing weather!

One Friday last month, I had to go to Phoenix to host some of our corporate customers in a suite at the Suns game.  Coincidentally, the Suns were were scheduled to play the Oklahoma City Thunder, my favorite NBA team.  I’m from Oklahoma City and they are the sole professional sports team we have; luckily they’re good and really fun to watch!

My boyfriend happened to have the day off work thanks to the snow that fell the night before, so he was able to join me on the trip.  We were lucky to be booked on one of the few flights that wasn’t canceled so after getting delayed at Love Field for a couple of hours, our plane was de-iced and we were on our way.  When we arrived in Phoenix it was sixty degrees and sunny, a welcomed change from cold, snowy Texas (what an oxymoron)!  We cabbed it to our hotel downtown, the Wyndham, and had just enough time to unpack before we headed to the US Airways Center.

Lobby at the Wyndham Phoenix downtown

I was disappointed that we weren’t able to get a room at the Sheraton (where I stayed during my last visit to Phoenix), but the Wyndham exceeded my expectations.  It was modern and stylish and located just a couple of blocks from the arena.  I prefer boutique hotels, but I appreciate the consistency of big box products.  Sometimes it’s nice to know what you’re going to get.

Room at the Wyndham Phoenix downtown

Unlike hosting a suite.   Sometimes customers don’t show or they give their tickets away to a friend or colleague.  Some customers want to focus solely on the game while others work you for a business deal.  In any case, suites are a great opportunity to get in front of our customers outside of a formal professional setting, build relationships, and hopefully get some additional business!

Thunder up!

Our suite was full of Phoenix residents so I had to hide my excitement when the Thunder won.  I enjoy sports but can only carry on a conversation about a game or team for so long.  My boyfriend was so helpful.  He did an amazing job engaging my customers (mostly the guys) with witty sports banter and solid stat knowledge, something I struggle with.  I’m considering hiring him as my assistant!  (If only I could afford him… haha)

The next morning was beautiful.  The air was crisp and chilly, the sun was shining, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  One of the PGA’s most popular golf tournaments, the Phoenix Open, was going on in Scottsdale so we decided to check it out.  The greens at TPC Scottsdale were beautiful and we got to watch some world class golfers including Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler.  Here’s a video of Rickie.  He’s the Justin Beiber of golf.  Love his style!

After taking in some great golf and people watching (I thought the Byron Nelson was wild), my boyfriend and I decided to take the party to Vegas for some more fun!  We picked up our bags at our hotel and headed back to the airport.  After a quick fifty minute flight, we were in Sin City!  We took a cab to the Luxor, the giant pyramid-shaped hotel with the huge shining spotlight on top.  It’s pretty strange on the inside- looking up to the ceiling in the lobby the walls lean in towards each other, and despite the spaciousness of the structure, it still feels a little claustrophobic (very anti-feng shui).  It’s dark with no natural light (to prevent guests from keeping track of time) and felt strangely ominous.  Our room was nothing to blog about.  It was big but the sheets were scratchy and the interior was tired.  The Luxor is overdue for a reno.

Room at the Luxor

Our first order of business in Vegas was finding food.  We went with the most convenient option, the Luxor’s T&T (short for the two universal symbols for a fiesta, tacos and tequila).  When we sat down to eat, the Phoenix Open was wrapping up so we were able to catch up with the scores on the TV in the bar.  Tacos and guac hit the spot!

Watching the end of the Phoenix Open from our hotel in Vegas

I’ve visited Vegas at least once a year since I turned 21, and each trip has been a unique experience.  Whether I’m there to blow off steam with friends, for work, or even for a wedding, Vegas has something to offer everyone.  My boyfriend and I had a blast gambling (I stuck to slots, he worked the tables) even though we lost it all!

Early the following morning, we hopped a flight back to Texas.  By the time we landed in Dallas the snow had melted.  Phoenix-Vegas was the perfect mini worcation to escape snowmageddon!

This month is my fifth month of nomadness.  The past two months, I’ve been feeling ready to settle down into a conventional living situation but have refrained due to a gut feeling that now isn’t the right time to get into a lease.  To help myself keep the momentum going, I’ve comprised a list of the benefits of being electively homeless.  In case you’re considering this path (or are wondering why the heck I’m still doing it), here’s what all of you potential nomads have to look forward to:

1.  There are no bills to pay.  (I’m FINALLY building up my bank account!)

2.  There are no chores to be done.  (Although, I clean up my friends’ bathrooms when it’s needed.)

3.  There is more money to spend treating your friends.  (Buying them dinner/drinks is a great way to thank them for crashing at their places.)

4.  It allows more money and more reasons to travel.

5.  It forces you to evaluate what you really need to live every day.

6.  You learn to become more flexible and to “go with the flow.”

7.  It frees you to seize an opportunity to move to a new city (something I wasn’t open to this time last year when I had an awesome house and roommate that I didn’t want to part with).

8.  It allows you to start fresh.  (I sold everything I own so I’m forced to start from scratch when I get a place in the future.)

9.  You have more reasons to see your friends.

10.  You gain appreciation for basic needs like having a roof over your head.

11.  You become more self-reliant.

12.  You learn to be more organized.

The great thing about being a nomad is it’s easier to go back to having a place than it is to become a nomad.  If and when you take the leap, you’re committing to not committing, and you can commit to something else at any point.  For those who are considering nomadness for a short-term lifestyle, you can always put your belongings in storage rather than selling them.  If you ever have the opportunity, go for it.  It’s a unique, challenging situation and there’s nothing like feeling this free.

Alright, I’ve pumped myself up enough.  I think I can go for another month…  🙂