Top Reasons to Go Nomadic

This month is my fifth month of nomadness.  The past two months, I’ve been feeling ready to settle down into a conventional living situation but have refrained due to a gut feeling that now isn’t the right time to get into a lease.  To help myself keep the momentum going, I’ve comprised a list of the benefits of being electively homeless.  In case you’re considering this path (or are wondering why the heck I’m still doing it), here’s what all of you potential nomads have to look forward to:

1.  There are no bills to pay.  (I’m FINALLY building up my bank account!)

2.  There are no chores to be done.  (Although, I clean up my friends’ bathrooms when it’s needed.)

3.  There is more money to spend treating your friends.  (Buying them dinner/drinks is a great way to thank them for crashing at their places.)

4.  It allows more money and more reasons to travel.

5.  It forces you to evaluate what you really need to live every day.

6.  You learn to become more flexible and to “go with the flow.”

7.  It frees you to seize an opportunity to move to a new city (something I wasn’t open to this time last year when I had an awesome house and roommate that I didn’t want to part with).

8.  It allows you to start fresh.  (I sold everything I own so I’m forced to start from scratch when I get a place in the future.)

9.  You have more reasons to see your friends.

10.  You gain appreciation for basic needs like having a roof over your head.

11.  You become more self-reliant.

12.  You learn to be more organized.

The great thing about being a nomad is it’s easier to go back to having a place than it is to become a nomad.  If and when you take the leap, you’re committing to not committing, and you can commit to something else at any point.  For those who are considering nomadness for a short-term lifestyle, you can always put your belongings in storage rather than selling them.  If you ever have the opportunity, go for it.  It’s a unique, challenging situation and there’s nothing like feeling this free.

Alright, I’ve pumped myself up enough.  I think I can go for another month…  🙂


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