A Visit Home

“There’s no place like home…”  Dorothy said it best.  No matter how old I get, I still feel like a kid when I visit my childhood home in Oklahoma City.  My parents’ house is uber-cozy and relaxing and my mom goes above and beyond to make her kids feel welcome.  We even get turn-down service before bed, complete with a chocolate mint on our pillows!

On Friday night I took a quick flight to OKC to my parents’ place.  They’ve done a great job updating their home over the past few years, most recently redecorating their living room.  I love what my mom did in my bedroom- there are nods to old memories (framed photos, yearbooks on the shelves, my favorite stuffed animal) but the decor is much more chic today than when I was in charge of decorating!  Here’s a what it looked like from sixth grade until about four years ago…

I think I was in eighth grade in this picture.  Look how focused I am on my homework!  (haha)  Notice the gaudy wall paper and coordinating carpet.  Don’t you love the fake quilt with the marble effect?  If you look closely at the heart-shaped bedside table, you’ll see a scrunchy next to a cassette!  My Pound Puppy and Beanie Baby collection is proudly displayed on my window sill between random stickers of a happy face and a hand with a peace sign.  Oh, the nineties!

Aaaaaahhhh, that’s better. Neutral cream, soft lighting, and a real quilt.  This room is still my little sanctuary, although the twin bed is smaller than I remember it!  No matter how stressed out I am about work, life, etc, a visit home usually does the trick!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  xoxo


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