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Today was a glorious day in Norman, Oklahoma.  The University of Oklahoma‘s graduates of the class of 2011 were awarded their diplomas!  My baby bro Nicholas was one of them, receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art from OU’s prestigious Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts!  Hooray!  I can’t help but brag about him.  Nicholas’ talents range from graphic design to photography to painting…  I could go on, but you can see for yourself here:  Nicholas is working as a camp counselor this summer but will be available for hire in the fall.  (Shameless plug, I know!  That’s what good sisters do.)  Congrats, Nicholas!  We are so proud of you!

Nicholas and Sarah, his adorable girlfriend

I was honored to be invited to the ceremony, BUT I admit I’m not a fan of graduations.  Most people can probably relate.  I didn’t even want to go to my own college graduations (yes, there were two of them) but my parents kindly insisted.  As the benefactors of my education (for which I am forever grateful), I couldn’t say no.  We sat through hours of pomp and circumstance, speeches, and loooong lines of graduates receiving their diplomas and hearty handshakes.  Now it was Nicholas’ turn to walk and my turn to take pictures.   In anticipation of a a long car ride and a good three solid hours sitting in an auditorium, my brain must have switched into “travel mode.”  Before we left the house, I grabbed a warm jacket, a blanket, four magazines, some bottled water, and quickly sliced a cucumber and threw some grape tomatoes in a plastic bag.

My nomadic habit

My dad looked over at me strangely in the middle of the ceremony and said, “You look like you’re on a plane.”  I had to laugh.  He was exactly right.  I am on planes quite frequently and after months of living nomadicly I’ve grown accustomed to carrying my stuff with me.  It feels natural to have extra clothes, snacks, and other creature-comfort things on hand.  I guess “being prepared” is a good thing, but today I may have crossed the line.  Who brings this much stuff with them to a graduation?

The Glam Nomad, that’ s who!


When my mom’s and my recent vacation to SF came to a close, I flew down to  LA for a work meeting.  It’s difficult to decide which is better, Northern or Southern California, so I’m not going to choose- I’ll take both!

My teammates love a good burger, so we met for lunch at In-N-Out.  I’m not a fan of burgers in general, but their fries are awesome!  In-N-Out isn’t your ordinary burger joint.  It’s still a family run business after sixty-plus years that continues to focus on quality ingredients and customer service.  Plus, they have a secret menu that makes ordering extra fun!  (Insider tip: Order your burger and fries “animal style.”  Just do it!)

After lunch we took in some culture at the Getty Center.  Of all the times I’ve visited LA, I didn’t even know this place existed!  I could have spent all day there walking through the beautiful gardens and galleries.  The art collection is impressive and there’s a great view of LA.  We were lucky to have relatively smog-free air the day we visited.

When the group had seen all the art they could handle at the Getty (I could’ve stayed a little longer but would have had to hitch hike to the hotel), we checked in at the Hampton Inn and Suites at Hermosa Beach.  Like kids on spring break, we threw our bags in our rooms and headed to the beach.

From the pier, we could see all the action- surfers, runners, and beach volley ball players.  After walking around some of the shops and realizing they all had the same touristy merchandise, we stopped for dinner at a fabulous tapas place, Mediterraneo.  (Baked goat cheese with eggplant, tomatoes and breadcrumbs.  Enough said.)

After dinner and a lovely sunset, we headed back to the hotel to rest and prepare for a long meeting the following day.  Although it was a short trip and our meeting was inside instead of on the beach, it was a nice mini-worcation!  I’ll never complain about a trip to Cali!

This weekend I took a quick flight to Oklahoma City to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family.  Of course, I think I have the world’s best mom!  Let me count the ways… She always puts others before herself, supports all of her kids’ zany projects, she’s a fabulous travel partner, and she makes the most decadent chocolate chip cookies from scratch!  She’s also the only person I know who would bike across the Golden Gate Bridge after she’d just fractured her shoulder and not even mention it!  (Yes, it happened on our recent trip to SF.  She’s still in trouble for that one!)

My lovely Aunt Arlene and Uncle Jim  invited our fam to their home today in Jones, Oklahoma for Mothers’ Day brunch.

My mom and Aunt Cathy prepare the table. These hard-working gals never stop!

Fresh eggs, courtesy of Grandma Cattie's chickens.

Aunt Arlene's French toast stuffed with strawberries and ricotta. Absolutely decadent!

Heart-shaped waffles. Put a little LOVE on your plate!

Hot syrup ("For hot people," says Auntie Arlene), chocolate chips, powdered sugar, granola, and walnuts to dress up our waffles and French toast.

After a long leisurely brunch, we took a stroll through my aunt’s gardens.  She has a green thumb Martha Stewart would envy!  Everything is lush and green from the recent rain and most of her flowers are on the verge of blooming.

Our garden tour turned into a hike when we wandered down some recently cleared paths in the back of the property.

When we made it out of the woods, we rewarded ourselves with some of my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies!  The best part of these cookies is their perfect chip-to-dough ratio.  (I cannot be held responsible for those of you drooling on your keyboards right now…)

I’m blessed to be part of a family full of strong, smart, and loving women.  Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the world’s moms, grandmothers, step-mothers, and mothers-to-be!   xoxo

My mom and me, 1985