Working in LA

When my mom’s and my recent vacation to SF came to a close, I flew down to  LA for a work meeting.  It’s difficult to decide which is better, Northern or Southern California, so I’m not going to choose- I’ll take both!

My teammates love a good burger, so we met for lunch at In-N-Out.  I’m not a fan of burgers in general, but their fries are awesome!  In-N-Out isn’t your ordinary burger joint.  It’s still a family run business after sixty-plus years that continues to focus on quality ingredients and customer service.  Plus, they have a secret menu that makes ordering extra fun!  (Insider tip: Order your burger and fries “animal style.”  Just do it!)

After lunch we took in some culture at the Getty Center.  Of all the times I’ve visited LA, I didn’t even know this place existed!  I could have spent all day there walking through the beautiful gardens and galleries.  The art collection is impressive and there’s a great view of LA.  We were lucky to have relatively smog-free air the day we visited.

When the group had seen all the art they could handle at the Getty (I could’ve stayed a little longer but would have had to hitch hike to the hotel), we checked in at the Hampton Inn and Suites at Hermosa Beach.  Like kids on spring break, we threw our bags in our rooms and headed to the beach.

From the pier, we could see all the action- surfers, runners, and beach volley ball players.  After walking around some of the shops and realizing they all had the same touristy merchandise, we stopped for dinner at a fabulous tapas place, Mediterraneo.  (Baked goat cheese with eggplant, tomatoes and breadcrumbs.  Enough said.)

After dinner and a lovely sunset, we headed back to the hotel to rest and prepare for a long meeting the following day.  Although it was a short trip and our meeting was inside instead of on the beach, it was a nice mini-worcation!  I’ll never complain about a trip to Cali!


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