Hello World!

Wow, 2011 flew by, and brought a lot of changes with it.

I went from couch-surfing to putting down roots in a lovely little apartment.

Shortly after I got a promotion (yay!) and traded my cube for a home office.

I love my new job but the first six months were incredibly BUSY!

I have a handle on things now, which means I also have a reasonable amount of free time again for this blog!  🙂 

There are lots of stories to be told about my last six months of travel. 

Like I said, I’ve been B-U-S-Y, and yeah, that is my alibi!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting on the following trips:

New Orleans



San Antonio


International Falls, MN (basically Canada)





OKC (my heart!)

I hope this year will bring as much excitement and adventure as the last! 

Here’s a picture of my hand-made Christmas gift from my very talented brother:

Check out his blog and online portfolio here:  http://thetoltec.wordpress.com/

See the little colored pushpins?  I have so much more of the world to cover!  I get the travel bug just looking at this!

 Where are you going in 2012?


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