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Hey fellow nomads!  Just for fun, here are some pics from Instagram taken over the past few weeks.  Follow me @theglamnomad!

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“The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland.” -Jack Maguire, historian 

Bluebonnets are the Stetson hats of the flower world.  They are distinctly Texan.  The arrival of bluebonnets announces the coming of spring here, which came a little early this year.  Fine by me!

Yesterday I dragged my bf to the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival.   It’s a short drive (about 45 miles) outside of Dallas.  Ennis has been deemed the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas” and boasts over 40 miles of mapped bluebonnet trails surrounding the city.  These trails are the oldest in the state and attract tens of thousands of visitors each year.

It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed spending a little time out of the city.  Like the other tourists, we pulled over on the side of the road on the Bluebonnet Trails several times to take pictures.  Alas, they are an unjust representation of the full sensory experience.  Looking around, you feel engulfed in a sea of blue.  The sweet smell of bluebonnets infiltrates the wind.  I imagined myself in the lavender fields of Provence rather than in Central Texas.  That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

We were told by locals that we missed the peak of the bluebonnets.  I can only imagine what the “peak” was like!  I’ll be back next year to check it out, albeit with a girlfriend or two.  My bf has done his time. 😉

Spring arrived early here in Texas, so I’m anticipating the heat to follow soon.  Last summer was the hottest I’ve ever experienced.  Fortunately, I got a little respite from the sweltering Texas heat last August when I visited my brother in International Falls, Minnesota.  It’s the northern-most town in the United States. Canada is literally in its backyard.

Lake view

I-Falls (as the locals call it) is not easy to get to.  You have to have determination and a pioneer spirit.  And a car.  Definitely rent a car.  I was traveling with my parents and my boyfriend.  We flew into Minneapolis Saint Paul Internationa Airport, picked up a rental car, and drove about five hours due North.  Minnesota is gorgeous, so the time flew by.  The clear blue lakes and towerring pine trees were a welcome change of scenery from our part of the country that had turned brown from being scorched by the heat. 

Sha Sha Bar and Grill. Image via turbofan on Flickr.

We stayed in a little cabin on Rainy Lake at a resort area called Sha Sha.  The location was perfect, as our cabin was steps away from Sha Sha Bar and Grill, which was the epicenter of the area’s night life happenings (and one of the few places to find decent grub).

Enjoying sunset on the dock.

The purpose of our trip was to visit my brother who was working at Camp Kooch-i-Ching, a wilderness adventure camp for boys.  He spent the summer overseeing a cabin full of teenagers, taking kids on canoe trips, and doing various manly outdoorsy things.  It was so much fun to see him in his element.  The camp is on an island and can only be accessed by boat.  It’s an incredible place for a young man to spend a summer.

Camp Kooch-i-Ching teaches campers about Native American traditions.

I-Falls is a great place to visit if you want to escape summer heat or fast-paced city life.  We had a peaceful, relaxing stay.  This summer my brother will be working at an art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I’m sure he’ll expect another visit from us, so I’m already planning a trip to the mountains. 🙂

Happy Easter y’all!  I spent this weekend hanging out with family in Oklahoma.  It’s pretty low key up here, which is nice for a change!  I hit up a couple of thrift stores near my parents’ home and found some great items!  I love buying second-hand.  It keeps old threads out of the landfill and allows me to get creative.  When thrifting, you have to know what you want since there are no advertisements or displays in the store to control guide you.

I found a very large yellow, linen skirt that I was able to alter into a little peplum number.  That paired with a Shelli Segal top from 1995 made a cute Easter outfit!



Trying on the finished product

I also picked up a black leater skirt, beige lace cami, sheer white collared shirt, and a black faux ostrich evening bag.  I used Rit dye to add some pink (ombre style) to the shirt.

I’m off to brunch with the family!  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!