Frankfurt, Germany

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa!  It took almost two days, but I’m finally here and enjoying their winter weather in August.  On the way, I had a long layover in Frankfurt.  I’ve never been to Germany before, so I was excited to explore!  (Travel tip: If you’re traveling with carry-on bags and you don’t want to haul them around during a layover, some airports- like Frankfurt- offer bag drop service for a nominal fee.)

Frankfurt has an excellent public transportation system which I would have used if I was staying longer.  You can get on the S-Bahn at the airport and it will take you to the city center in minutes.  I hailed a taxi at the airport because I didn’t want to waste time potentailly getting lost.  My driver was very helpful and told me about the best ways to get around and what to see. 


My first stop was Romerberg square, one of the oldest sections of Frankfurt.  The plaza is lined with Roman bath ruins and gabled, gothic row houses. This historic square is home to the Frankfurt City Hall complex referred to as the Romer, which has historically been the site of the coronation of Holy Roman Emperors.

I continued my walking tour of Frankfurt through a couple of public parks, past the Alte Oper (the historic opera house), and down the street Ziel, however it was Sunday and almost all of the shops were closed.  I grabbed a quick bite and crossed the river Main to a neighborhood called Sachsenhausen, which is famous for its museums and old cider bars.

Most museums ask for a donation for entry.  I visited the the Museum fur Kommunikation and the Schirn Kunsthalle, the main art museum.  Afterwards I relaxed on the bank at the river Main, which was filled with people enjoying the lovely weather.

Before I knew it, I had to return to the airport.  I heartily enjoyed my day trip to Frankfurt!  Hopefully I’ll return with more than a few hours to spend!

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